Paralia Katerini - Location

Ten kilometers of possessed golden sandy beach, blue and spotless sea, dreamed beauty from those that are portrayed in the postcards and posters in the traveling brochures show in the visitor our sensitivity for the environment. This is Paralia Katerini.

Paralia of Katerini is a dreamed destination, with intense Mediterranean atmosphere, exceptional climate, with the coasts of beach in the embrace of Olympus, they create a unique comparative advantage. With starting line paralia the visitor can enjoy the beautiful landscape of region, having a lot of choices. The archaeological sites, the Byzantine monuments and the Mt. Olympus compose the uniqueness of Pieria.

Hotel Paris location

To access Hotel Paris you can see the Google map below and watch the following video we have created.

Distances from Paralia Katerini

Distance Time Location
6km (8 minutes) Katerini
6km (8 minutes) Railway Station
7km (7 minutes) Highway
8km (10 minutes) Bus Station
105km (1 hour) "Macedonia" Airport
115km (1 hour) Enzoni
185km (2 hours) Promahonas
330km (3 hours) Igoumenitsa

Distances and journey times have been calculated with the help of Google maps.

Photos from Paralia Katerini

Paralia Katerini beachParalia Katerini beachParalia Katerini beachParalia Katerini beachParalia Katerini beachGames on Paralia Katerini beachKids on Paralia Katerini beachSun beds and umbrellas on Paralia Katerini beachSuntherapy on Paralia Katerini beachParalia Katerini centerParalia Katerini centerParalia Katerini center