Pieria - Siteseeing

Apart from the natural beauty, the coast and the beaches, and the modern touristy infrastructure, Pieria continues to pride itself on its magnificent cultural and archaeological monuments. Macedonia International Airport is connected with Pieria through the principal motorway in Greece and is only 100km away.

Pieria will offer you a serene and delightful stay. At the heart of the district you will also find the heart of the tourist region of Pieria. The Community of Paralia Katerini, the Olympic Beach and Korinos make up the brightest and most cosmopolitan side of Pieria. Vast beaches and the sea combine with radiant smiles which seem to be absorbed into the golden glitter of the sand.

Pieria has established ties with visitors who will come back year after year to get together with people who have become their dear friends. The facilities and warm cosiness offered by the family-run hotels will make your stay truly unforgettable.

There will be an abundance of challenges and attractions: the shops and the buying opportunities; the nightlife and the best clubs in Macedonia; the traditional Greek cuisine and the fish taverns with their rich menu of seafood “mezedhes”.

Worth visiting

Ηotel Paris in Paralia Katerini suggests you to visit the following tourist destinations:

Distance Time Location
10km (12 minutes) Alikes
23km (29 minutes) Dion
25km (32 minutes) Pydna
30km (30 minutes) Mt. Olympus
43km (34 minutes) Castle of Platamonas
36km (43 minutes) Elatochori ski center
42km (35 minutes) Old Panteleimon
45km (1 hour) Mt. Pieria

Distances and journey times have been calculated with the help of Google maps.

Old Panteleimon villageOld Panteleimon villageThe castle of PlatamonasAncient DionSt. Dionisos MonasteryTraditional Greek tavernEnipeas ValeyMytikas (2917m)